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OnBase - Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

If you want to reduce operating costs, improve cash flow, survive audits, litigation and disasters, you've come to the right place.

With Hyland Software's OnBase enterprise content management (ECM) solution, all your important business content is accessible in one place. Your employees get instant access to the information they need, exactly when they need it, revolutionizing your business processes. Best of all, your information is safe and secure.

Building Blocks for your Solution

OnBase is one product, comprised of around 200 components (in-house, we call them modules). Think of these like building blocks, used in combination to create a solution tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. Organizations can deploy anything from simple departmental solutions to complex enterprise-wide deployments.

This is extremely cost-efficient, because you only pay for what you use. Since these modules are all part of the same product, they are essentially “plug and play”, allowing your OnBase solution to grow and change along with your business.


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Planet Press Suite

Optimized production, distribution, and archival of transactional documents with automated workflows.

What is PlanetPress Suite?

PlanetPress Suite is a professional software solution allowing organizations to maintain and grow their customer base by adding value to business documents and distributing them in a format that best suits the recipient preferences.

Its ease of use, affordability and open architecture make it the perfect solution to quickly and easily enhance, produce and distribute business documents with relevant content that will be sure to capture the reader's attention and get the message across.

  • Turn every communication into an opportunity to build loyalty and fuel sales
  • Increase productivity and profitability
  • Use technology to create revenues
  • Improve your business processes with no change to systems in place
  • Drive more business with better communications

Planet press

Planet Press Capture

Using Anoto Digital Pen and Paper and PlanetPress Suite workflow capabilities, PlanetPress Capture brings digital accuracy and speed to paper-based processes:

Planet Press Capture
  • Add capture zones where you need them
  • New or existing document
  • Print On-demand, remotely or locally
  • Print forms on-demand locally and eliminate pre-printed stationery and shipping
  • Capture what is written instantaneously and create a highly readable digital archive
  • Input documents with handwriting to EDM systems automatically without manual scanning and data-entry
  • Capture signatures or handwritten marks
  • Read and transfer information from the pen
  • Speed-up processing and cash flow by triggering any business process at point of signature
  • Update central systems in real-time, ERP or otherwise, with accurate and reliable data
  • Eliminate damaged, lost, irretrievable or illegible documents
  • Set-off business processes instantaneously
  • Implement a dependable and renown solution that works with your existing systems and necessitates little to no change to employee work routines
pbLobby Track™ Arrival® Visitor Tracking Solution

Pitney Bowes LobbyTrack pbLobbyTrack™

The LobbyTrac software uses a series of intuitive onscreen forms to simplify visitor registration. Using LobbyTrac is easy and secure for even the most basic applications. The user simply types in a visitor's name and company and, optionally, snaps a digital photo. After locating the name of the person being visited from an employee database, a mouse-click is all it takes to print an ID badge, create a time-stamped visit record in the LobbyTrac log, and even send an e-mail notification to the employee who's meeting with the visitor.

Signing visitors out is even simpler: Collecting departing visitors' badges and scanning each one with an easy-to-use barcode reader automatically logs the time of the visitor's departure and closes out the visit record. Networked PCs and shared LobbyTrac visitor databases track visitors even if they sign in at one lobby and sign out at another.

The LobbyTrac visitor database is a wealth of information. It can speed-up sign-in on future visits by automatically filling in a visitor's ID information and stored photo for the badge when you type in their name. It allows administrators to run a variety of reports such as an end-of-day report to identify all visitors who didn't sign out, so their whereabouts can be checked with employee hosts. Additionally, it enables employees to issue special instructions for dealing with particular visitors.

LobbyTrac also gives you closed loop accountability for important items delivered to the lobby - airline tickets, personal items, etc. Simply scan the package upon receipt at your reception area and capture the signature of the person picking up or delivering

It's that simple and that secure.

  • List visitors currently logged in to your building
  • Generate reports on specific visitors or all visitors
  • Identify visitors by category (vendor, contractor, temporary, employee, etc)
  • Store information on repeat visitors, complete with photo and signature
  • Creat custom reports by date range to show visitor history


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